A coupled PIV/PTV technique for the dispersed oil-water two-phase flows within a centrifugal pump impeller


by R. F. L. Cerqueira, R. M. Perissinotto, W. D. P. Fonseca, W. M. Verde, Biazussi J. L., Franklin E. M., M.S. de Castro, A.C. Bannwart, presented at SPE Contest, August 2022.



The current work presents a framework for the simultaneous characterization of different phases in a dispersed oil-water two-phase flow. The framework is based on the coupling of the PIV and PTV techniques in raw PIV acquisition images. The PIV technique computes the water velocity fields, while the PTV technique calculates the oil drop velocities. Thus, the proposed technique allows the simultaneous measurement of the water phase and dispersed oil drop velocity from the same image. In order to present the advantages of the coupled PIV/PTV technique, the flow within a centrifugal pump impeller is completely analyzed by computing the oil and water phase-ensembled velocities.

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