Integrated Reservoir Studies

Integration between Reservoir and Production Systems

The focus of this research line is to leverage the knowledge and techniques developed in EPIC's other research lines to propose integrated solutions. All activities have the reservoir simulation as the integration tool and a common dataset to develop the integrated solutions. The final goals are (1) to improve understanding on reservoir dynamic behavior and connectivity, and (2) to develop methodologies to enhance model-based reservoir management practices

This research line is divided into two research sub-projects (SP): (1) SP1 – Pre-salt static-dynamic integrated reservoir modeling, upscaling and flow simulation (integration between “Reservoir Management” and “Reservoir Characterization“ research lines); and (2) SP2 – Integration of reservoirs and production systems (integration between “Reservoir Management” and “Artificial Lift“ research lines).

The aims of this research line are: (1) to build a consistent benchmark case; (2) to develop workflows to efficiently integrate static and dynamic models (multiscale approach); (3) to evaluate the impact of modeled uncertainties in reservoir production; and (4) to estimate the impact of integrated production systems on reservoir performance.

Alessandra Davólio Gomes – UNICAMP/CEPETRO –

Technical Responsible
Daniel Mauricio Rojas Caro – UNICAMP/CEPETRO –

Saad Allahham (Pesquisador/Pós-Doctorado) – UNICAMP/CEPETRO –

Felipe Mota (MSc. student) – UNICAMP/School of Mechanical Engineering –