• Capazes de enfrentar e superar os desafios tecnológicos do setor de petróleo, gás e recursos naturais. data-bgposition=
    Researchers and Specialists
    Able to face and overcome the technological challenges in the oil, gas, and natural resources sectors.
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    Scientific Dissemination
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  • Nós desenvolvemos pesquisa aplicada e inovação no campo da Energia e Recursos Naturais. data-bgposition=
    EPIC - Energy Production Innovation Center
    We develop applied research and innovation in Energy and Natural Resources fields.
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We are EPIC, a research and innovation center

EPIC is an engineering research center in reservoir management and oil and gas field production, a partnership between Unicamp, Equinor and FAPESP.

We train specialists able to face and overcome technological challenges in the oil, gas and natural resources sector. Our principle is that the country's natural energy resources should be used in the most sustainable way possible.

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RL1 – Reservoir Management

Production Optimization using Reservoir Simulation Models.


RL 2 - Artificial lift and flow assurance

Production Optimization, Artificial Lift and Flow Assurance inside ESP.


RL3 – Reservoir Characterization

Geological Characterization and Modeling of a Carbonate Reservoir from the Brazilian Pre-salt.



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