A multi-scale mixed method for a two-phase flow in fractured reservoirs considering passive tracer


by Salabarría, J.B.V., Lima, P., Devloo, P.R.B., Triana, O.D., presented at  XLII Ibero-Latin-American Congress on Computational Methods in Engineering (CILAMCE-2021) | 3rd Pan American Congress on Computational Mechanics, Novermber 2021.


In this research, the mathematical model represents a two-phase flow in a fractured porous reservoir media, where the Darcy law represents the flow in both fractures and matrix. The flux/pressure of the fluid flow is approximated using a hybridized mixed formulation coupling the fluid in the volume with the fluid flow through th fractures. The spatial dimension of the rock matrix is three and and is coupled with two-dimensional discrete frac- tures. The transport equation is approximated using a lower order finite volume system solved through an upwind scheme. The C++ computational implementation is made using the NeoPZ framework, an object oriented finite element library. The generation of the geometric meshes is done with the software Gmsh. Numerical simulations in 3D are presented demonstrating the advantages of the adopted numerical scheme and these approximations are compared with results of other methods.