Influence of the interface chemical composition and its impact on droplet coalescence of water-oil emulsions


by Tatiana Marques Pessanha, Vanessa Guersoni, Carlos Eduardo Perles, Antonio Carlos Bannwart, presented at Rio Oil & Gas 2022, September 2022.


This work aims to understand the phenomenon of coalescence as a function of chemical and rheological characteristics (elasticity and viscosity) of the interfacial film. In this context, the goal is to study the effect of the different physicochemical variables related to emulsion and its influence on the energy barrier that separates the droplets from the isolated state to coalescence. For this, a pendant drop tensiometer was used to determine the coalescence time between the oil droplet and the oil-water interface, using commercial surfactants to establish a correlation of how the physicochemical characteristics of the interfacial film will influence the coalescence time between the he oil droplet and the oil-water interface .The preliminary results show that the brine concentration and the ion types present in brine impact directly on the coalescence time, due to changes on interfacial film properties, promoting a barrier to coalescence, and modification on mechanism of interactions of these systems.


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